The International Map Industry Association endorses the International Map Year

IMIA logoThe International Map Industry Association (IMIA) endorses the International Map Year 2015–2016 as a valuable means to promote the importance of maps and Geoinformation. IMIA is a global organization that represents the world of maps.

IMIA will promote the International Map Year as part of their events

IMIA Americas Region Conference ‘International Map Year’
September 27–29, 2015
Washington, D.C. USA

IMIA Asia Pacific Region Conference ‘International Map Year’
November 15–17, 2015
Brisbane, Australia

More information on the IMIA website

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FIG Working Week 2015


The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) organizes the FIG Working Week from 17–21 May 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference will include an ICA session and a Cartographic Exhibition of Wall Maps – held in celebration of the International Map Year. The organizers state:

The cartographic exhibition of wall maps is organized by Bulgarian Cartographic Association with the support of International Cartographic Association. It will be held during FIG Working week and will accompany the ICA session in FIG Working Week, May 2015. Countries with the interest to the proposed event will be invited. Bulgarian and international companies will take participation with their newest products. The best maps will be awarded by FIG and ICA presidents. –

For more information, please contact Prof. , President of Bulgarian Cartographic Association

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“The World of Maps” now available in French and Spanish

Spanish version of The World of Maps availableAlthough the International Map Year 2015/16 will be launched officially at the ICC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro later this year, activities are planned and shaped already in several countries.

That is why it is good to announce that a Spanish version of the accompanying book “The World of Maps” has been made available on the IMY website. The translation to Spanish of the book was done under the supervision of Pilar Sanchez-Ortiz from ICA’s Spanish national member organisation SECFT. With this, the most useful book as source for understanding and disseminating the role of maps is available to all those being interested in cartography in the Spanish speaking world. The book is also translated to French under supervision of Francois Lecordix at the French Cartographic Association.

Muy bien!
– Georg Gartner
President of the International Cartographic Association

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Welcome, Bangladesh!

We are happy that Bangladesh is joining the activities of the International Map Year. acts as the contact person. We are looking forward to the cooperation!

Bangladesh is the 14th country in our list of participating nations. You are also interested in setting up a national committee? Please find all details here.

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IMY on Czech TV

Vit Vozenilek

Vit Vozenilek talking about the International Map Year on Czech TV

On November 20, IMY was presented in a 5 minutes long section on the Czech national TV channel. Click here to see the program, the section on IMY starts at 4:00min.

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Maps on stamps

Examples for maps on stamps

Examples for maps on stamps. Will there be an IMY stamp soon?


A discussion on maps on stamps has been going on  in co-operation with the CartoPhilatelic Society and the Universal Postal Union. If you want more information on how to support maps on stamps for celebarating IMY, please contact the IMY Working Group member .

The ICA liaison report to ISO/TC 211, Geographic information, Shenzhen, China, can be found here.

Bengt Rystedt

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International Map Year 2015–2016 endorsed by the UN

UNGGIMIt is my sincere pleasure to inform you, that at the fourth session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management at the UN Headquarters in New York 6.-8. August 2014 the ICA Initiative on an International Map Year 2015/16 was positively discussed.

It says in the resolution:

The Committee of Experts […] endorsed the International Map Year 2015-2016, as proposed by the International Cartographic Association (ICA), as a valuable means to promote the importance of maps and geospatial information globally.
GGIM Report on the fourth session (6–8 August 2014)

With this we have reached a most prominent framework for the planned acitivities and I invite all members of the ICA family to consider their active participation.

Georg Gartner
President of the International Cartographic Association

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Description of IMY objectives

The following description of the IMY objectives by David Fairbairn can be used for promotional purposes:

International Map Year (IMY) is a worldwide celebration of maps and their unique role in our world. IMY provides opportunities to demonstrate, follow, and get involved in the art, science and technology of making and using maps and geographic information. Supported by the United Nations, IMY is an intensive international, interdisciplinary, scientific, and social strategy to focus on the importance of maps and geographic information in the world today. The most important legacies will be a new generation of cartographers and geographic information scientists, as well as an exceptional level of interest and participation from professionals, schoolchildren, the general public, and decision-makers, worldwide.

Further promotional material can be found here. The IMY logo can be downloaded here.

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Welcome to the IMY website

Thanks to Aileen Buckley, who developed the proposal for the website and to two colleagues from Budapest, the IMY website is now online. IMY starts in January 2015. Please use the time until then for planning national activities. If some part of the guidelines are missing or unclear, please write an e-mail with your questions and thoughts.

Chapter 18 of the book The World of Maps is still in the editing phase. It will be uploaded soon.

Bengt Rystedt
Chairperson of the IMY Working Group

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